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2015 Champion Blake Malatesta introduces his new venue, M.I.A

Blake’s cheffage story is one of humble beginnings starting with strong parental encouragement to follow his dreams. While in high school Malatesta worked in a variety of family run restaurants learning as much as he could, working through the ranks. Having found his passion, after graduating high school Malatesta secured a position within the corporate structure at Darden Restaurants as a regional culinary trainer.

Winning Spoons

During this year he worked in back kitchens throughout Europe and Eastern Europe gaining much hands-on experience. After returning home Malatesta worked as a sous chef at Saddlebrook Resort in Tampa.

Feast of the Sea 2015-Part 3-010

Blake began his culinary journey at 50 Ocean in April 2012 and has set his sights on making 50 Ocean one of the hottest restaurants of Florida. Blake’s new venture is M.I.A which stands for Modern. Inventive. Authentic. and is opening in West Delray around November. Come catch a glimpse of hat is in store once Blake opens the doors. This is going to be a trend setter and we are his numero uno fans.


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